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School Student Counselling

Analysis of a student, IQ and EQ analysis for his/her career fitment. We also help a student to choose a line of career as per his personality.

Undergraduate Courses Counselling

Basic understanding of a student is being done. Courses are suggested on indivisual basis.

Post-Graduate Courses Counselling

Evaluation of student profile is being done till undergraduate level. Accordingly a course or a working exposure is suggested.

MBA Specialisation Counselling

As per background study, a detailed analysis of specialisation is being formed for the candidate

Parent Counselling

Parents are suggested various ways and techniques to handle their child in different age groups for his/her career and behavioral development.

Career Counselling for working professionals

Exclusive is being done for working professionals and it covers their : Personal,professional,workplace issues and career development


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Email Etiquettes
Basic Communication Skills
Email Writing
Body Language Grooming
Basic Interactive Skills .

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Business Communication
Advanced Level of Public Dealing
Business Ethics
Mastering Interviews and Group Discussions
Analysing Personality

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Peer and Superior Pressure handling
Mastering Professional Issues
Counselling for Work Life Balance
Personal Growth Chart for Career Development

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Counselling and Training Sessions

Need Base Focused Individual Training Schedule is Formulated to identify and fill the gaps.

About the Resource Person

Dr. Sunita Tank
Expert Educationist, Personality Architect

With nearly two decades of experience in human relations, personality grooming, motivational counseling and people training, Dr. Sunita Tank leads her dream with a great passion for making a substantial change in people’s lives.

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Past Experiences

Delighted and humbled to be invited as Chief speaker of the day at Ryan International School, Rohini, Delhi.
Highlights of the talk on parenting and mentoring:

  • Try two pillar model - Parental Upbringing and Mentor/Teacher Learning, which should go parallel, hand in hand.
  • Encourage Child to think with solution or outcome orientation
  • Give multiple options to your child for every work - help them learn how to “exercise choice” - their analytical skills will improve in the process
  • Finally let your child raise the bar of his own performance - not in comparison with others!.
  • Testimonial

    I am eternally grateful to Sunita mam for helping me develop my personality and mentoring me. Without her mentorship I wouldn't have been able to stand on my own at all. She has given me courage and motivation and knowledge to follow my own dreams. She has been, and will always be, the best mentor I ever had and will ever need.I'm sure everyone coming under her wings will surely evolve into a better person.Her knowledge about corporate culture and support helps to me crack the interviews when I was so nervous about myself.
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    Sachindra Bhattacharjee

    I shall always remember your readiness to answer any queries, no matter how complex the answers. My thoroughness in the fundamentals of various activities come from your excellent teaching methods and your undying patience in delivering knowledge.In addition, your guidance with internships to apply for and help in choosing additional courses to pursue were all instrumental in my success. I shall never forget your approach to overall personality development and how you made it seem easy to deliver your best every single day.
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    Shrikant Ganapathy Iyer

    I got the golden chance to come under the guidance of Ms. Sunita Tank mam while preparing for my corporate interviews.I would love to share the change in my personality and career development through her guidance She always guides the student as per their personality and prepares them to stand & shine in the corporate world. She conduct sessions to find the problem and then work on the perfect solutions so a candidate can be ready for the toughest interviews. She always believes every student is unique and helps them to find their strengths and capabilities.
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